How to translate value in Excel

Do you know if we can translate the cell value into another language? Yes, it is possible. In this post, we will see how we can translate the value in Excel.

if you want to translate any value to a different language, then we can do this with google spreadsheet.

Go to google spreadsheet and use the  googletranslate function to translate any value to a different language.

Syntax of GOOGLETRANSLATE function


=googletranslate(Text,Source language,Targelanguage)

Text: The value you want to translate.

Source language: You have to mention the language in which the current text is.

Target language: Language in which text will be translated.


Example to translate value in Google Spreadsheet

Below is an example of how to translate the value in different languages.



In this example, we have translated the text which is Good Morning into two languages.

First, we translated from English to Spanish by using the formula

=GOOGLETRANSLATE(C4, "en", "es")

second, we translated the text from English to Japanese by using the formula

=GOOGLETRANSLATE(C5, "en", "ja")


Note: Currently Google translate feature is not present in Excel, its only in Google Spreadsheets.