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Java Subtraction operator Example

In this Java examples of Java tutorial, we will study about Java subtraction operator OR Java minus operator with example. we will study what is the use of Java subtraction operator.


Java Subtraction operator

Java Subtraction operator is used to subtract the two numbers and it gives the difference of that. Java Subtraction operator is written as


Java Subtraction operator       X – Y
  • Here X and Y are two numbers
  • – is the java subtraction operator.


Java Subtraction operator Example

Let’s understand Java subtraction operator with example.

public class JavaExamples {

public static void main(String[] args) {
//Java subtraction operator with example in Java
int firstNumber=20;
int secondNumber=18;
int result=firstNumber - secondNumber;
System.out.print("result is:"+result);





result is:2


In above Java subtraction operator program, firstNumber and secondNumber are two integer variables. we applied Java subtraction operator on these two numbers. we save the result in result variable.


In this Java operators with example, we saw how Java subtraction operator works with example.