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Python tuples with example

Python tuple is one of python collection which is ordered and unchangeable.  Here we will study about python tuple, how they are created, various methods of python tuple with example.Python tuples seems similar to python lists, but they are different.

As we study above ordered and unchangeable feature of tuple:

  • ordered feature means elements remains in order format, in which they put into tuple.
  • unchangeable feature means elements cannot be modified unlike python list, tuple values can not be modified once it is created.

Python tuples introduction

As we read above Python tuples are ordered collections and they are immutable in nature.


Syntax of Python tuples

basic syntax of Python tuples is

tuple_name=(“element 1″,”element 2″….”element n”)


  • here tuple_name is name of tuple variable.
  • element 1,element 2 are elements of tuple.
  • tuple elements are enclosed with round brackets ().


Example of Python tuples

Let’s understand python tuples with simple example

animals= ("cow", "elephant", "pig")



('cow', 'elephant', 'pig')
<class 'tuple'>

In above example, animals is name of tuple. we can also check the type of animals by using type function of python.


Operations on python tuples

Now we will perform various operations on python tuples

Access elements of tuple

Here we will see how to access elements of tuple. elements of tuple can be accessed by index number.

animals= ("cow", "elephant", "pig")





Add elements into tuple

As we read that Python tuples are unchangeable, we can not add elements once tuple is created. it will throw error, if we try to add element in tuple.

animals= ("cow", "elephant", "pig")


TypeError: 'tuple' object does not support item assignment



Remove elements from tuple

elements from python tuple can not be deleted due to its unchangeable feature of Python tuple, but we can delete the whole tuple.  del keyword is used to delete the whole tuple.

After apply del command on tuple, if we try to access python tuple, it will throw error

animals= ("cow", "elephant", "pig")
del animals



NameError: name 'animals' is not defined



Update elements in tuple

elements of Python tuple can not be updated once created as Python tuples are immutable in nature. It will throw an error, if try to update its elements.

animals= ("cow", "elephant", "pig") 



TypeError: 'tuple' object does not support item assignment



Python list vs Python tuple

Here we will discuss about Difference between Python tuple and Python list.