Introduction to SQL

In this SQL Tutorial, we will learn various SQL commands with example. We will learn how to write basic SQL commands with example and how to execute SQL statements.

If you are beginner and want to learn SQL then you will see amazing posts of SQL. You will learn various terminologies used in SQL. So Let’s Begin


SQL is Structure Query Language which read, write or manipulate the data in Relational Databases in a Structure way.

There are so many databases which build on SQL

  • MySQL
  • Oracle
  • PostgreSQL
  • MS SQL
  • DB2
  • And many more.


Topics Covered


In this series of SQL Tutorial, let’s learn step by step starting from basic to complex SQL commands/queries.


SQL Basic Commands

In this basic SQL commands, we will learn and see how we can write and execute some basic commands like

  • SQL select command
  • SQL Insert command
  • SQL Update command
  • SQL Delete command

These 4 commands are called

CRUD operations in SQL

CRUD means

C – Create

R – Read

U – Update

D – Delete


Types of SQL Commands

Commands are basically an instructions given to any System, so also in SQL, there are types of SQL commands which give the instruction to SQL about what to execute. Below is the types of SQL commands.


DQL refer to Data Query Language. DQL give the instruction to SQL to Query about the data present in database.

commands fall under DQL is: